Learning Technologies

Are you looking for the right e-learning platform for your company? Do you want to motivate your employees to learn and improve performance across the board? With our learning management system, IMC Learning Suite, you can design your own digital learning environment according to the personal needs and requirements of your learners.

Our learning technologies include:
* IMC LEARNING SUITE – is one of Europe’s leading Learning Management Systems (LMS). This LMS is a catalyst for shaping and transforming organisational learning. The IMC Learning Suite is a feature-rich solution out-of-the-box and is updated regularly with new capabilities. It offers excellent usability and the user interface is optimised for mobile devices which allows learning on-the-go. It is a reliable platform built for maximum performance after more than 20 years of experience as a multiple award-winning system.

* IMC CONTENT STUDIO – is an innovative authoring tool that is ideal for beginners and experienced developers. The tool stands for mobility and simplicity. If users are experienced with Microsoft Office, they can start working with IMC Content Studio right away! It has never been so easy to create impressive content! With IMC Content Studio, you not only get a modern e-learning authoring software, but also a tool for the creation of interactive books, comics and presentations.

* IMC PROCESS GUIDE – is a user adoption software, or in other words a ‘GPS’ for software. The system assists users while they are using software or carrying out a workflow by providing context-sensitive information at time-of-need. This on-the-job training approach enables informal learning, reduces errors and boosts productivity.

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