Digital laborlaw specialist

Our negotiation, consulting and training activities consist of a network of senior experienced experts and energetic junior labor law lawyers. We offer this competence through subscriptions to companies and employers’ organizations.

The digital employment law lawyer gives your business access to an hour bank with 48 hours to use per year, for example,

A For preventive purposes
Advice and a speaking partner in labor law issues by email, telephone or via video meeting, what suits you best. The staff at your company is offered to participate in web-based interactive training with employment law news.
B At your request
We give you advice and support on labor law issues that the company wants to discuss with us. We adapt labor law templates for you and your customer. We assist in tradeunion negotiations and disputes.
C For the future
Together, we create a staff manual. The goal is to sort out what are the legal requirements, what the business should have and what can be good to have. This is an excellent start to prevent problems in the business. If you already have a staff manual, we can review it together with the employment contract.

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